by Mariana De León


He started his career in music with a band called The White Stripes, then The Dead Weather with Alison Mosshart of The Kills. of course not forgetting his other band The Raconteurs with Jack Lawrence who also plays with The Dead Weather and other important members like Dean Fertita. The three bands Jack White has founded have acquired much success. Now he´s decided to go solo and established a record label called Third Man Records.

His outfits are colorful and extravagant which is the main reason why press started calling him the Willy Wonka of rock music. Another reason being also because of his vinyl factory resembling Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Global sound group rock willy wonka

The Man Behind the Music

Jack White was raised being a catholic which shows in his craft in a rather good way. Many Catholics grow up with a lot of guilt printed into them, Jack White embraces this scenario peacefully and with humor.

It’s been said that he has an obsession with the number 3. The name of his brand Third Man Records; then he played 3 songs for the fastest record which took 3 hours. And once it was ready Jack White himself sold the first 3 albums. This so called obsession might appear from the Trinity in Catholicism: the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Next time you listen to Jack White, notice all of his criteria because it is helpful to consider other points of view from a wise musician. Somehow it is helpful and if you are looking to improve, listening to music cleans your soul. If you know how to use it and what to listen to.